TRiO Participant Application Instructions

2017-2018 TRiO Participant Application.
Applications are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. Acceptance is based on eligibility criteria and the ability to demonstrate academic potential & motivation.
All information in this application is kept strictly confidential.
Incomplete Applications WILL NOT be considered

TRiO Participant Application
Please use this form for the TRiO Participant Application.

Notification of your application status will be sent to you electronically or by phone.

If you have earned a Bachelor's Degree Please Stop Here - Ineligible - See TRiO SSS staff for referral. Please stop here.

Financial Aid

All program services are offered at no cost to participants. Please check all services desired:

First Generation Criteria

Disability Criteria

Income Criteria

The U.S. Department of Education requires that NeSCC TRiO Student Support Services obtain information regarding your income. This information is used for determining program eligibility and for statistical purposes in our annual reports. It is kept strictly confidential.

If NO items are selected from the list below your parent or guardian must sign this application.
Parent Signature form will be e-mailed to qualified applicants.
  • The best source for income information is your 2016 Federal Tax Return
  • Taxable income is reported on line 43 of form 1040, line 27 of 1040A, or line 6 of 1040EZ
  • It is very important that you indicate TAXABLE income and not total income or adjusted gross income.
If NO taxable household income OR did not file please put zero (0) below in Amount of your taxable household income

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